What We Provide:

OWI Services

Pathways treatment begins with an assessment/evaluation.  A certified counselor evaluates each client.  During the evaluation, the counselor gathers information from the client and uses standardized tools to help determine which level of care and types of services would be appropriate for the client.  Based on the client’s individual needs, the counselor may recommend that he or she becomes involved in one of our prevention programs, or one of our following listed treatment programs:

OWI /DUI Screening

Services for AdultsPathways offers substance abuse screenings for those charged with Operating While Intoxicated. There is a set fee for OWI/DUI Screenings that is consistent with fees state-wide.

OWI / DUI Education Class

Pathways offers DUI classes for those picked up for Operating While Intoxicated. The fee for these classes is consistent with fees sate-wide.   Contact our main office for additional information on times and availability, 319-235-6571.

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